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I am very impressed with the service. Great data quality. Investors Finder saved me the hassle of scouting the web searching for investors emails
Curtis Green- CEO of Atlas MT
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We handpick relevant investors from our database of 35,000 investors and deliver them to you monthly

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Connect with investors and message them to raise money and expand your network

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Our customers have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars with our custom-researched lists

A true time saver, I subscribed to the done for you service and within two months, I reached out to 310 investors, from which we got 41 responses, we are now in funding discussion with five interested angels. I highly recommend to anyone serious about connecting with investors without spending hours researching the data and ways to contact investors.

"A true time saver, we got 41 responses within the first two months."

Jeff Harris - CEO of Enigma Metrics

Investors finder matched us with 200+ investors that are relevant to our growth stage and industry, every month we received a new batch of investors, with their emails, social profile and more, all we did was to start reaching out and pitching, we're happy to say that we closed our first round of investment right here. Excellent service.

"Last month, we closed our first round, I highly recommend them"

Matt Milligan - Co-founder of Uhubs

How we help you find investors?

This is how we help you close your next investment round

Manual matching with investors

We manually research investors by their investment focuses, past investments, we can easily determine who’s a good fit for your startup.

Connect and pitch investors directly

Pitch investors directly by email or on Linkedin and personalise your outreach with more than 24 data points.

Human-researched data first

All information is gathered by hand to ensure validity. Every single data point is checked, every single email is verified. Manually. By a human.

Frequently asked questions

Find out how to connect with Angel Investors and Venture Capital to fund your business

How do I connect with investors?

You can email each investor one-by-one; or you can add them to your own investor list, then export their emails to CSV. You can then take your CSV and upload to mass emailing software

We have a "Done-For-You" service where we do the heavy lifting and put you in touch directly with relevant investors.

How do you source your data


When you signup, we will ask for information like your location, industry and growth stage, we then scout our database of 35,000 investors to find relevant investors to your business.

The last step is to build a rich data list, including the investor's emails and social profiles so you can start connecting with them.

How many investors do I get

The starter plan comes with 100 investors delivered monthly. Our data researchers will manually match your profile with relevant investors and build a custom list with all the data you need to pitch investors and close your investment round.

Our pro plan comes with 150 investors every month and gives you access to the internal fundraising ressources.

What kind of response can I expect?

When you execute your outreach campaign, you can expect a response rate between 3% to 18%, this will mainly depend on your pitch style and company.

What if I have other questions?

Then we'd love to hear from you. Feel free to email us at with any questions or concerns not mentioned on this site.

Simple, transparent pricing

Hundreds of hours of manual research, at a fraction of the cost.


Pro Plan

$149 /mo

$79 /mo

Connect with 150 verified investors every month

We make it easier for you to connect with investors, Get access to 150 investors every month.

150 investors match every month

Investors emails and social profiles

Verified company data

100% valid emails

Unlimited free replacement

Free fundraising ressources

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Starter Plan

$99 /mo

$59 /mo

Connect with 100 verified investors every month

Great for startups and small teams, we provide you with the data you need to accelerate your fundraising.

100 investors match every month

Investors emails and social profiles

Verified company data

100% valid emails

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